Our primary goal at this difficult time is to protect our guests & staff from the risk of Covid-19, while still enjoying all that the beautiful countryside of West Dorset has to offer.

Identify Covid-19 hazards

Infection of Legionella from standing water

Person to person transmission of covid-19

People at risk

Guests and staff

Evaluate, remove, reduce & protect from risk


Contamination of all touch surfaces. Bedding

Who is at risk

Cleaning and serving staff, Guests

Action taken to reduce the hazards

Deep cleaning is a standard part during every service & change over, however with the Covid-19 pandemic particular attention will be given to all touch surfaces, glasses, equipment & utensils including door handles, bathrooms, taps, worktops, tables telephones, tv remote controls.

Wet wipes & disinfectant sprays are provided in bathrooms to encourage them to be used after each use.

Hand sanitiser to be encouraged to use frequently from one of the advertised posts around the inside & outside of the premises.

Cotton/linen bedding & towels provided will be washed on a full 60% cycle & changed after every guest departs.

Whole water system is flushed for at least 2 minutes including both hot & cold water. Toilets, kitchen, bar & all hand basin taps.

Guests staying 3 days or more, Rooms will not be serviced on days 1 & 2 but should you require cups, glasses etc to be changed please speak to a member of staff.

Prior booking to ensure there is space for you otherwise you may be turned away if we are at capacity to ensure a safe distance.

Sanitise hands on entering & leaving the building from one of the advertised posts.

Table service only for drinks & food.  Allocated table will be given to each booking. Tables will be 1 metre apart. No standing or drinking at the bar area.

Respect toilet areas & wait outside until they become free.


Appropriate PPE will be offered to staff to wear if required at all times when cleaning guest rooms, bar & restaurant areas.

Hand washing encouraged after each distribution & clearing of food and drinks.

Chefs uniforms not to be worn to & from work and washed at 60% on site.


In addition to normal cleaning & scouring products, the following are now also used in our deep-cleaning procedures.


Antibacterial clearell Non- Alcohol Hand Sanitiser is used to eliminate commonly occurring bacteria & viruses that are known to be highly transmissible & can result in infections & illnesses.

This hand sanitiser comes in a liquid form that rapidly evaporates & moisturises leaving the skin feeling clean, soft & smooth.


Will be available in all bathrooms & frequent please wash hands encouraged.


Wipes will be available in all toilets to allow guests to wipe toilet areas after each use.


Sprays, liquids and wipes that kill 99.9% of bacteria will be used frequently which

ultra-cleans & sanitizes frequently touched items such as door handles, tables, work surfaces & equipment.


The health & safety of our guests and staff are our primary concern at all times, but particularly so during this very difficult period. We constantly monitor government guidelines & instructions but until we are advised otherwise, we remain open for business. 

Remember the best way to stay safe is to regularly wash hands thoroughly.

Thank you & look forward to welcoming you.

We continue to monitor Government instructions and guidelines & this policy may be modified to comply with any changes.